Making Accurate Horoscopes
with Advanced Technology

With exact Date of Birth, Time and Place we use proper method and techniques, with exact Longitude and Latitude,
to we make sure that every planet is at right place, right position and degrees in every chart of your horoscope.
We also make sure that all the periods and sub periods of planetary Vimshoti Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Char Dasha should be in proper manner so that the timings match with the transitory position. It helps us understand each and every aspect of your horoscope easily in a corrective way.

Scrutinization of Horoscopes

With accurate horoscope we scan exact position and place of planet degrees at particular sign (Rashi) as in where is the right effect of that planet and the combination of some certain planet in every chart of your horoscope. We carefully read every combination called yoga like Rajyoga, Lakshmiyoga, Manglik yoga, KaalSarp yoga, Ganeshyoga, Kemdrum yoga, Vidyadhar yoga, Jwalamukhi yoga,Pitra dosh yoga, and many more.

To make sure this, our client is guided in proper astrological manner to define their life in a corrective way.

  • Ascendant chart for health, personality, nature and other charts like,
  • Hora for wealth,
  • Dreshkaan for brothers and friends,
  • Chturthyansh for prosperity, luck and fortune,
  • Panchmansh for educational qualification, knowledge and mental status,
  • Navmansh for business, family and personal,
  • Shashthyansh for sudden illness, enemy and mothers parent,
  • Saptamansh for wife, travel, children and grand children,
  • Ashtamansh for efforts, life and age,
  • Dashmansh for father, parental property and government house,
  • Ekadshansh for life's benefit and opportunity,
  • Dwadshansh for life's expenditure and parents and prize.
We can guide you for a prosperous future and predict accurate results about your best planning for your life.

Advice for Uses of Gemstones
Wearing the Right Gemstones

Gems and stone have proved to be of great value to mankind. Now scientific evidence is available to backup the established astrological and authentic theories. The use of gemstone has been spoken in the ancient sanskrit vedic text 'THE GARUDA PURAN' and 'THE GRAHA GOCHARU JYAUTISHA' and many more which are professed to be thousand of years older than the "Dead Sea Scrolls".

The Supernatural origin of gemstone and their auspicious use in the removal of obstructions in various fields of life. An astrological horoscope charts the location of the various planets at the time of one's birth. The motion of the planets and their position in relation to each other act upon us throughout our lifetime, just as the lunar phases push and pull the ocean and seas. According to one's horoscope, certain planets are favorable, some are unfavorable and some gives mix results.

The "GRAHA GOCHARU JYAUTISHA" explains how auspicious gems help remove obstruction in various areas of life by appeasing planets that are having unfavorable effects. We have knowledge of using right gemstones at the right time in a right way which is very helpful to achieve success in everyday life. The gemstone acts as a filter and produces effect, depending upon the need of body. If a planet is emanating a ray, the vibration of which is unsuitable for the body, it is counteracted by the ray absorbtion by the gemstone and there shall be no evil effect. This is done in very professional way at "Arun Jyotish & Gems" we suggest the right stone for you in proper weight (rattis or carat), wearing which in proper finger can give you maximum results for as long as possible.

Remedies through Mantra Yajna Anushthan
We perform every kind of Yajna Anushthaan through various mantra for any type of problem and obstruction in the life like :
  • Saraswati Ved Mangal Anushthan for mental relaxation and better concentration improving mental status and studying higher to upgrade the life.
  • Saubhagyavriddhi Anushthan for better result in life. This anushthan converts luck into good luck after hard work which everybody needs.
  • Maha Mritunjaya Jap for long life and happiness of mankind and victory overcome in any problematic situation.
  • Amrit Sanjeevani Anushthan for eliminating the illness of mind, body and soul. It also provides disease free life for human being .
  • Kamdhenu Kawach Anushthan for good productive result, achieving every desires and preventing you from evil's eye. It makes a shield against any kind of evil attack.
  • Kasht Haran Anushthan for those who get stuck in sudden accidental situation or illness or life threatening disease. They get complete way out and relief immediately. Many Yajnas and Anushthans provide effective, vedic and shastriya remedy.
Lifelong Remedies Through
Advanced Yantras

  • In the chain of astrological remedies, all yantras are very powerful.
  • Quick Result Oriented in our day-to-day life.
  • We make sure to our client that we make every yantra at right time right place with pure ink, paper and metal which is required for particular yantra in perfect condition too.

  • Such as Shri Yantra for enhancing liquid money,
  • Ganesha Yantra for success in life,
  • Kuber Yantra for upgrading the financial status,
  • Bagulamukhi Yantra for making you stronger against your enemy,
  • Mahamritunjay Yantra for long life,
  • Siddha Bisa Yantra for success in every field of life and moral boosting is blessed by Maa Durga,
  • Saraswati Yantra for educationally upgradation and improved concentration etc.