For Sun RUBY Manikya

It gives name, fame, vigour, virtue, warmth and the capacity to command. It can raise the individual far above the status in which he was born. Historically it has been proved a symbol of love.

For Moon PEARL (Moti)

Pearl strengthens the mental faculties, calms emotions and increases peace of mind. It is common for brides to wear pearl nose ring and necklace at the time of marriage ceremony. This is believed to ensure happy conjugal life and protection from miserable life. Pearl wearer gets vitality and wisdom easily.

For Mars RED CORAL (Moonga)

The wearer of Red coral becomes courageous. It helps in curing blood related diseases and improves immunity.

For Mercury EMERALD (Panna)

The panna has ante venom property in itself. It stops production of any kind of venom in our mind, body and soul. It improves the memory, sharpens intellect, intuition, learning ability, communication ESP. Its wearer gets sufficient wealth.

For Jupiter YELLOW SAPPHIRE (Pukhraj)

It is most widely used to enhance financial status. The wearer gets plenty of Wealth, Good Health, Name, Honour and Fame. It's a well known fact if there is any obstruction in getting a girl/boy married. It overcomes by wearing a yellow sapphire. It also regulates the function of all body organs.

For Venus DIAMOND (Heera)

Diamond wearer gets a luxurious life which enhances the name, fame and the artistic quality of the person. It also improves men's sexual power. Wearer makes sure that they always keep their enemy down under the thumb.

For Saturn BLUE SAPPHIRE (Neelam)

It counteracts enviousness from others and keeps away evil. It alleviates long-term misfortune. Sometimes this stone may react adversely so it should be always tested for a week before final wearing under the guidance of your astrologer. It is said that Blue sapphire has magical power to throw its wearer on a higher status from all sides. It can give a man everything he could desire e.g. health, wealth, longevity, happiness. It also restores the lost wealth and property.


Rahu is said to be responsible for all kind of delay in fulfillment of ambition. So the gomed wearer can hope for a speedy success in a lesser time than expected. It improves dealing with people and protects from sudden misfortune. It is said to be the best stone to avert stomach ailments, disaster, insanity and evil spirit.

For Ketu CATS EYE (Lahsuniya)

This gems protects it's wearer from hidden enemies and mysterious dangers and diseases. It also protects from drowning, intoxication and government punishment. It brings fortune to those who gamble.(Horse Racing, Casinos).