Inception & Development

Who was the creator of Mantras & what was the time of its origin? This question strikes our lives.
No concrete answer yet could have been found. Nobody from the ancient times sages or erudite have answers to this question that from where did Mantras originate? And that's why its believed that with the passage of time as per the rising needs of the human, he knowingly/unknowingly with effect to certain intrinsic voices created Mantras.

Rigaveda is known as the most extensive & ancient holy book across the globe. Its also called as the Collection of Mantras. After Rigaveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda & Atharveda were created. All 3 of these are oceans of Veda Mantras. This gives us the knowledge that Mantras were originated way before the Vedas. There are a lot of energies inside the Mantras & therefore they are very powerful.

And as a result not just Brahmins, but even others started taking a lot of interest in them. And it's miraculous, hard to believe fact that nowadays in social world with the help of instruments & techniques whatever could not be achieved is now possible through the help of Mantras. Although nowadays, victories such as rocket launch, planets capture, universe visits have won many accolades but yet in comparison to Mantras & its strength, all these appear to be a cinch.

About Mantras Anushthans

Each Mantra has a mystical power in it, as its profound today. When each alphabet of a Mantra combines to become a meaningful word,it becomes a sound in total which is visible to the whole universe. This stands as a fact that whenever a being recites these Mantras with full conviction the effect of it forms a super aura around him which subsequently builds a new personality within a stipulation. This helps him a lot in self-realisation and enhancement. As an exemplary, a scientist without any self interest keeps on exploring and excavating new discoveries and keeps on aiding the mankind towards the path of glory, similarly Mantras play a pivotal role in nurturing the lives of humans.

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The world and the universe has an invisible monopoly, a mystical power, which is famous by the name of god. It is the unitary method to see. Spirituality has got many manifestations. Anyone can help achieve this aim?

One such manifestation of spirituality is Mantras. This subject is so difficult/critical in itself that it has given birth to another independent subject, which nowadays we call as Mantra-Shastra or Mantra sciences. This indeed is a separate branch of spirituality.


Since the inception of Mantras-Shastra, curiosity prevails that what exactly it is?
What is the topic of this subject ?
what is its significance in human's lives?
Defining Mantras, sages & saints have quoted a lot. N number of pages have been filled in this pursuit of defining Mantras. But we have concised & conceptualized this in a way which is fathomable to all oyr readers so that their curiosity level also doesn't drop.

The Mantras have been created so as to ease the lives of people. Mantras have a strong connection with sound. In a way we can state that the science of Mantras is known as the science of sound. In this way, the definition of Mantras can also be the "collection of various important sounds".

The relation of Mantras and sounds must be understood in such a way that when we say anything, while pronouncing, a lot of sounds come out of our mouth. Some of such similar sounds that occur in a sequence are known as Mantras. In the world of literature, lots of forms of Mantras have been accepted as in every culture, spiritual power is claimed to be upright and strong and therefore as signatures of faith, Mantras have been developed. Not just within civilized races, but even in barbaric, inhuman and even wild inhabitants Mantras are prevailing. Various poets, travelers, sages have proved this time to time. Their Mantras are influential in nature & have generated miracles at times. Due to its widespread influential status, Mantras are popular in many more terminologies. No subject or field is untouched by its presence.

In holy bible, Mantras are defined as such:

  • The focus of heart, the meditation pattern is known as Mantras.
  • Angel like body is known as Mantras.
  • The kindness of almighty is known as Mantras.
  • By the aid of those words, we can connect to god or straightely, feel its touch is Mantra.
  • That power of words which explains human the meaning of religion, work & salvation & even responsibility is known as Mantras.