According to the Indian Mathematical Sciences i.e Astrology :
After Satyuga, Treta Yuga & Dwapara Yug, Kalyug came in. The inception & development time of Mantras is known as Vedic Kaal. Satyuga was the end of this very vedic kaal. The Treta & Dwapar Yugs are counted as Pauranic Kaals. With Dwapar, Pauranic Kaal coming to an end, Kalyuga comes into presence. That Kalyuga is the present time & is more inclined towards the Sciences. No ritual or custom or belief could be flowered in a single day& neither could it be demolished. Since the inset of Kalyuga, the old, primitive beliefs did'nt disappear totally, but their touch was felt yet again & again. Mantras were equally popular at this very age.

As history tells us, till the attacks by Mohd. Gauri, India was very much into Mantras. After that the influence got lesser with the influence of sciences. It was confined to the walls, graveyards & manuscripts or books. Rising influence of sciences & advancement brought conceit, selfishness & barbarism, fearing which the Mantras experts decided to code these Mantras so as to secure them. Such a step was quite obvious situationally wise.

Mantra knowledge with a little much of attraction was popular across the world. On its magic & strength every caste's veterans were confident. Mantra-shakti has been claimed to be very beneficial in enhancing & stabilizing human's abilities. With the help of Mantras, one could even achieve the impossible. The energy of Mantras is such that it has remedies for disasters such as earthquakes, floods, famines, plague, droughts etc. Not just in India, its widely appraised all over the world.