About Us

Astrology is that eyes of almighty through which he sees the whole eternity . It's that gift of God through which the past, present and future of a soul can be known and enhanced. And only an erudite astrologer full of spark and wisdom can remove the shackles of the past and glorify the present which will necessitate a luminous future. In my life, astrology is my second name. Infact its my essence ,the foundation of which was laid down by my grandfather Late Pt. Asha Ram Jyotishi, 60 years ago. Although my family's connection with astrology is of more than 100 year old whose proof is readily available with us in the form of scriptures and hand written books in our library which has got more than 250 books, some of which are 100 years old. Few to mention are-

  • Jyotish Sarva Sangrah ,
  • Tajik Neelkanthi,
  • Muhurat Chintamani,
  • Ranbeer Jyotir Nibandha,
  • Nitya Karma Vidhi,
  • Sarvto Bhadra Chakram
and so many Karmakaand based ritual books.

At this very place, my grandfather Pt. AshaRam Jyotishi while practicing astrology got a lot of appreciation and recognition from the masses, that too in a very short span. It was his great flair of preparing hand written horoscopes (kundlis) and ability to predict the future that took him to places. No matter what were the circumstances, he always had the best solution for the time needed. This propensity inspires us till date. It's an axiom that 'nobody can even come closer to his par excellence.' Not too far away was my father Pt.Subkaran Sharma who carried forward this legacy which his father landed on his shoulders at his demise. Pt. Subkaran ji was a soft hearted, strict stances, work worshipper who had been a stalwart in almost every aspect of astrology and had been continuously giving the proof of his caliber though miracles and revolutions. Extending this lineage since the year 1982(I was only 13), I have been practicing the same under the guidance of my father so as how to benefit the human race with our ancestral knowledge.